Doberman Pinscher Training

doberman pinscher training

Doberman Pinscher Training

Always start training your Doberman puppy to come when called at as early as 8 weeks of age. This smart and loyal breed is generally eager to please.

Our positive training methods will show you how to teach your Doberman puppy to come when you call them, without using harsh punishments. This valuable behavior is called “recall,” and it just may save your dog’s life one day. Dogs of any breed that have a strong recall were usually worked with as puppies, and continue to practice this skill with their owners over the course of their lives.

If you bring some patience and consistency to your training game, you will start to see your Doby puppy understand the “Come!” command in just a few short sessions. By the time she is an adult, regular practice and “proofing” will make her recall strong and reliable.

Before you get started with training your Doberman puppy to come when called, be sure to have your motivators (treats, toys, and praise) ready to go. In addition, get a 25’-50’ long line leash or rope that you can attach to his collar for the steps of training that will require you to enforce the recall command.

Remember that pieces of training sessions for all puppies should be 5-15 minutes long, depending on her attention span. Keep things fun and exciting or your little pup will get bored or distracted. This will undermine your efforts to keep her focused on the things you are trying to teach her.

Doberman Pinscher Training

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